Thornton Hall Wedding Photography – Michelle and Karl

Wirral Wedding at Thornton Hall Hotel

Thornton Hall Hotel is a very popular wedding venue nearer home on the Wirral, situated on the outskirts of the the Village of Thornton Hough. A really nice feature is the option of having your wedding ceremony outdoors, weather permitting, and luckily, Michelle & Karl had some really great weather for their spring wedding.

The Penthouse Suite

Michelle got ready in the spacious Penthouse Suite, a lovely relaxing setting, with views of the gardens and ceremony area below.

Image of bridal dress in Penthouse Suite at Thornton Hall Hotel
Michelle’s gorgeous vintage style dress hanging in the window of the penthouse suite.
Photo of white bridal shoes
The bride’s shoes
Image of bride preparing for wedding
Getting ready in the Penthouse Suite at Thornton Hall

Wedding photographer captures bride having hair done.

View of outside wedding venue at Thornton Hall Hotel
The Garden Pagoda where Michelle & Karls’s wedding ceremony took place.

The gardens were beautiful with all the spring flowers in bloom! The outdoor wedding option at Thornton Hall Hotel is perfect for a day like this.

Photo of Thornton Hall hotel with flowers in foreground.
Beautiful landscaped gardens in the heart of the Wirral countryside

We love to capture things in as natural a way as possible, which keeps the day nice and relaxed for the bride and groom, especially if they have children.

Bridegroom arrives at Thornton Hall with his toddler son.
The guys!
Macro shot of wedding rings.
The wedding rings photographed together before the ceremony
Shot of bride captured in mirror by documentary wedding photographer.
Nearly ready!
Candid photo of cheeky baby girl.
Excited wedding guests before the outdoor ceremony in the Garden Pagoda
Bride walking through Thornton Hall Hotel gardens with her dad.
Michelle and her dad walking across the gardens to the Garden Pagoda
Close up shot of bride and groom hands holding.
Photograph during the wedding vows.
Exchange of rings during outdoor ceremony at Thornton Hall.
Wedding ceremony in the Thornton Hall Garden Pagoda.
The bride and groom kiss, just married.
First kiss of the newly married couple.Bride smiling at end of wedding ceremony
Confetti exit photo.
Confetti in the gardens at Thornton Hall.
Bride and groom hugging guests in the gardens of Thornton Hall Hotel.
Documentary wedding photography in the garden.

Photo of female wedding guest hugging the bride.Candid photo of guests enjoying the wedding reception.

The Lakeside Arbour for Photography of the Bride and Groom

The Lakeside Arbour at the front of Thornton Hall is such a pretty area for pictures. It was a sunny day (a rare thing on the Wirral), not always a photographers dream, as it can cause ugly shadows, glare and overexposure. Luckily, we know what we are doing ?. We assess the light at all times and use techniques/ lighting to counteract, or when possible, guide you to some better light!

Portrait of bride and groom in front of pergola during beautiful day on the Wirral.
Michelle and Karl in the Lakeside Arbour at Thornton Hall Hotel, Wirral
Wedding photo taken by Thornton Hall Pergola of bride and groom kissing
Kissing in the gardens.
Close up photo of bridal bouquet
Bridal Bouquet
Bride and groom walking in front of Thornton Hall Hotel.
Walking in the gardens at Thornton Hall

Reception in the Pulford Suite

Michelle & Karl’s wedding breakfast was served in the Pulford Suite of Thornton Hall, which is an ideal size for most weddings. There is a larger suite available at the side of the Hotel for bigger weddings, also with garden access for outdoor ceremonies.

Image of a table, set up ready for the wedding breakfast in the Pulford Suite.
Tables setup for the wedding reception in the Pulford Suite.
Groom giving his speech as top table look on.
The groom’s speech.
Child taking photo of speeches.
Wedding guests during the speeches.

Bride posing for the camera with some friends at her evening do.Wedding guest chatting in the bar area at Thornton Hall hotel.

Evening Wedding Photography

We went outside for some evening portraits before the first dance. It’s normally a perfect time to whisk the Bride and Groom away for a few minutes. This is always an option for our couples, as we can get a bit more creative with lighting at dusk/dark. Love the dramatic sky in this shot!

Night time wedding photo in front of pergola at Thornton Hall hotel.
Evening photograph of bride and groom at Lakeside Arbour

Bride and groom kissing for a night time photo.

Wirral Wedding Photographers

Are you looking for a photographers for your Wirral wedding? Stuart and Sarah are two of the most experienced and highly rated photographers on the Wirral and have been capturing weddings in their unobtrusive style since 2007. You may also like to see Jenny and Adam’s wedding photographs at Crabwall Manor, and Jennifer and Tom’s Inglewood Manor Wedding Photography.

Liverpool Palm House Wedding – Katy and David

Liverpool Wedding Photography

Katy & David were married at Saint Mary’s in Grassendale, a picturesque church not far from their wedding venue, the stunningly beautiful Liverpool Palm House in Sefton Park. This wedding was an Anglo/Chinese fusion, with a church ceremony allowing for Chinese translation throughout. We were lucky to have the most perfect weather and light for a Palm House wedding, and a lovely couple to spend the day with. Katy and David, it was a pleasure!

Photo of St Mary’s church in grassendale
St Mary’s Church, Grassendale, Liverpool
Image of happy bridesmaids arrival at St Mary’s Church in liverpool
Excited bridesmaids ?
Capture of small boy inside St Mary’s Church, liverpool
“Do you know where the bride is?”
Wedding photo of bridal party arriving at Liverpool church
Here she comes! Was a beautiful, sunny April day. Free of the usual ?.
Glimpse of bride as she enters st Mary’s church
Sneaky glimpse of Katy.
Photo of groom watching his bride coming down the aisle at St Mary’s church, liverpool
David’s first look ?

Wedding Ceremony at St Mary’s, Grassendale, Liverpool

We had 2 photographers for Katy & David’s wedding so we were able to shoot from the back of the church as well as from the side of the alter. This is particularly useful in church weddings where movement can be quite limited during the ceremony.

Bride and groom hug at the altar
“You may kiss the bride”
Candid shot of wedding guests clapping in the church.
Guests are overjoyed.
Photo of bride and groom coming down the aisle.
Just married ?
Image of bride and groom inside Liverpool wedding car
Some time alone…Off to Sefton Park for the portrait photos
Bride and Groom portrait shot in Sefton Park, Liverpool
Love this one ?. We try and keep portraits relaxed as possible, but happy to give a bit of direction when needed. Our couples really enjoy this part of the day.
Wedding portrait in the woods at Sefton Park, Liverpool
Beautiful, natural light…
Image of wedding guest at Liverpool Palm House
Guests enjoying the surroundings. We love working at the Palm House, as its an unusual venue that combines the outside with inside. The natural light and foliage make everything look so pretty.
Wedding guests chatting at the Palm House, Sefton Park
Enjoying the drinks reception.
Picture of tired baby during drinks reception.
We love to capture the smaller guests too ?.
Liverpool Palm House wedding guests taking a selfie.
“Let me take a selfie”
Superhero chocolate and strawberry cake.
What an awesome cake! Can’t tell you how good it smelled too (chocolate and strawberry); a winning combination.
Table decoration shot in the Palm house.
Beautiful decor, with the Liverpool Palm house being the perfect backdrop.

A Relaxed Drinks Reception At Liverpool Palm House

With 2 of us at the wedding, and being a preferred supplier for the Liverpool Palm House, we have the ability for Stuart to head up to the gantry, and get a unique perspective on events.

Aerial photography at Liverpool Palm House
Don’t look down! ?
Wedding guests waving to photographer taking aerial photo.
Spotted the photographer.
Bride and groom walking outside the Palm house in Sefton Park.
Happily ever after ?

Sefton Park Palm House Wedding Photography

As we’re a recommended supplier at the Palm House, we work there fairly often. Here’s a previous wedding so you can see some more images from this lovely venue.

Sue & Graham’s Pre-Wedding Shoot on Thurstaston Hill on the Wirral


A Pre-Wedding Shoot is a great way to get used to posing for the camera in a relaxed stress free way, before your big day. As bonus you get some lovely informal shots together, and a Signature Frame to use instead of a guestbook on the wedding day. Much more fun 🙂

Sue & Graham were married at the Riverhill Hotel a few weeks later, and after the wedding Graham told me “We really feel that the pre-wedding shoot we had has really helped us to get some great photos on the day, as we knew what worked well and were a lot more comfortable in front of the camera”.

Sue & Graham-1 Sue & Graham-2 Sue & Graham-4 Sue & Graham-5 Sue & Graham-7 Sue & Graham-9 Sue & Graham-12 Sue & Graham-16 Sue & Graham-17 Sue & Graham-19 Sue & Graham-22 Sue & Graham-25 Sue & Graham-28 Sue & Graham-33 Sue & Graham-34


Here’s one of the shots from the Pre-Wedding Shoot in Sue & Graham’s Signature Frame on the wedding day. The image can be replaced with one of the wedding photographs after the big day.


Nicky & Ian’s Wedding Photographs at Chester Zoo

Oak field House at Chester Zoo is a truly unique wedding venue. It’s perfect for smaller intimate weddings, like Nicky & Ian’s, and has the added benefit of allowing the wedding guests an opportunity to roam the zoo between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast.

Chester Zoo-2 Chester Zoo-11 Chester Zoo-14 Chester Zoo-15 Chester Zoo-16 Chester Zoo-18 Chester Zoo-19 Chester Zoo-21 Chester Zoo-26 Chester Zoo-28 Chester Zoo-29 Chester Zoo-33 Chester Zoo-38 Chester Zoo-42 Chester Zoo-45 Chester Zoo-47 Chester Zoo-54 Chester Zoo-56 Chester Zoo-59 Chester Zoo-60 Chester Zoo-67 Chester Zoo-77 Chester Zoo-78 Chester Zoo-79 Chester Zoo-89 Chester Zoo-90 Chester Zoo-92 Chester Zoo-96 Chester Zoo-98 Chester Zoo-104 Chester Zoo-107 Chester Zoo-112 Chester Zoo-116 Chester Zoo-119 Chester Zoo-125 Chester Zoo-128 Chester Zoo-142 Chester Zoo-147 Chester Zoo-157 Chester Zoo-169 Chester Zoo-173 Chester Zoo-185 Chester Zoo-191 Chester Zoo-193 Chester Zoo-194 Chester Zoo-196 Chester Zoo-197 Chester Zoo-199 Chester Zoo-202 Chester Zoo-205 Chester Zoo-216 Chester Zoo-217 Chester Zoo-223 Chester Zoo-224 Chester Zoo-230 Chester Zoo-231 Chester Zoo-232 Chester Zoo-236 Chester Zoo-242 Chester Zoo-245 Chester Zoo-249 Chester Zoo-256 Chester Zoo-257 Chester Zoo-274 Chester Zoo-280 Chester Zoo-282 Chester Zoo-286 Chester Zoo-289

Sara & Phil’s Wedding Photographs at Crabwall Manor in Cheshire

Sara and Phil’s lovely vintage style wedding at Crabwall Manor in Cheshire:

Crabwall Manor-7 Crabwall Manor-11 Crabwall Manor-16 Crabwall Manor-17Crabwall Manor-22Crabwall Manor-26Crabwall Manor-27Crabwall Manor-29Crabwall Manor-35Crabwall Manor-37Crabwall Manor-42Crabwall Manor-46Crabwall Manor-47Crabwall Manor-48Crabwall Manor-54Crabwall Manor-66Crabwall Manor-70Crabwall Manor-82Crabwall Manor-83Crabwall Manor-86Crabwall Manor-87Crabwall Manor-88Crabwall Manor-89Crabwall Manor-98Crabwall Manor-108Crabwall Manor-118Crabwall Manor-121Crabwall Manor-123Crabwall Manor-138Crabwall Manor-140Crabwall Manor-141Crabwall Manor-148Crabwall Manor-174Crabwall Manor-181Crabwall Manor-184Crabwall Manor-185Crabwall Manor-199Crabwall Manor-207Crabwall Manor-211Crabwall Manor-218Crabwall Manor-222Crabwall Manor-232Crabwall Manor-250Crabwall Manor-258Crabwall Manor-265Crabwall Manor-268Crabwall Manor-270Crabwall Manor-271Crabwall Manor-272Crabwall Manor-279Crabwall Manor-289Crabwall Manor-290Crabwall Manor-293Crabwall Manor-294Crabwall Manor-295Crabwall Manor-297Crabwall Manor-299Crabwall Manor-301Crabwall Manor-303Crabwall Manor-310Crabwall Manor-311Crabwall Manor-313Crabwall Manor-315Crabwall Manor-321Crabwall Manor-324Crabwall Manor-325Crabwall Manor-329Crabwall Manor-333Crabwall Manor-336Crabwall Manor-339Crabwall Manor-348Crabwall Manor-367Crabwall Manor-372Crabwall Manor-382Crabwall Manor-391Crabwall Manor-393Crabwall Manor-398Crabwall Manor-414Crabwall Manor-417Crabwall Manor-421Crabwall Manor-424Crabwall Manor-425Crabwall Manor-427Crabwall Manor-435Crabwall Manor-437Crabwall Manor-440Crabwall Manor-453Crabwall Manor-457Crabwall Manor-462Crabwall Manor-464Crabwall Manor-466Crabwall Manor-475Crabwall Manor-480Crabwall Manor-484Crabwall Manor-489

Lauren & Matt’s Wedding Photographs at The Palm House in Liverpool

Since becoming recommended photographers at the Sefton Park Palm House we’re working there quite often now, which is great as it’s one of our very favourite wedding venues. Here’s a small selection from Lauren & Matt’s lovely wedding at All Saint’s Church in Rainford, and their spectacular reception at the Palm House:

Palm-House-Sefton-1 Palm-House-Sefton-2 Palm-House-Sefton-3 Palm-House-Sefton-4 Palm-House-Sefton-5 Palm-House-Sefton-6 Palm-House-Sefton-7 Palm-House-Sefton-8 Palm-House-Sefton-9 Palm-House-Sefton-10 Palm-House-Sefton-11 Palm-House-Sefton-12 Palm-House-Sefton-13 Palm-House-Sefton-14 Palm-House-Sefton-15 Palm-House-Sefton-16 Palm-House-Sefton-17 Palm-House-Sefton-18 Palm-House-Sefton-19 Palm-House-Sefton-20 Palm-House-Sefton-21 Palm-House-Sefton-22 Palm-House-Sefton-23 Palm-House-Sefton-24 Palm-House-Sefton-25 Palm-House-Sefton-26 Palm-House-Sefton-27 Palm-House-Sefton-28 Palm-House-Sefton-29 Palm-House-Sefton-30 Palm-House-Sefton-31 Palm-House-Sefton-32 Palm-House-Sefton-33 Palm-House-Sefton-34 Palm-House-Sefton-35 Palm-House-Sefton-36 Palm-House-Sefton-37 Palm-House-Sefton-38 Palm-House-Sefton-39 Palm-House-Sefton-40 Palm-House-Sefton-41 Palm-House-Sefton-42 Palm-House-Sefton-43 Palm-House-Sefton-44 Palm-House-Sefton-45 Palm-House-Sefton-46 Palm-House-Sefton-47

Toni & Andy’s Wedding Photographs at Rookery Hall in Cheshire

Here’s some shots from Toni & Andy’s wedding at the Rookery Hall Hotel in Cheshire:

Rookery Hall-3 Rookery Hall-89 Rookery Hall-96 Rookery Hall-121 Rookery Hall-123 Rookery Hall-136 Rookery Hall-162 Rookery Hall-229 Rookery Hall-243 Rookery Hall-245 Rookery Hall-267 Rookery Hall-275 Rookery Hall-289 Rookery Hall-295 Rookery Hall-315 Rookery Hall-329 Rookery Hall-348 Rookery Hall-358 Rookery Hall-382 Rookery Hall-388 Rookery Hall-392 Rookery Hall-407 Rookery Hall-409 Rookery Hall-411 Rookery Hall-413 Rookery Hall-420 Rookery Hall-422 Rookery Hall-429 Rookery Hall-431 Rookery Hall-437 Rookery Hall-440 Rookery Hall-447 Rookery Hall-480 Rookery Hall-507 Rookery Hall-559 Rookery Hall-576 Rookery Hall-596 Rookery Hall-600 Rookery Hall-607 Rookery Hall-611 Rookery Hall-624 Rookery Hall-628 Rookery Hall-637 Rookery Hall-638 Rookery Hall-659 Rookery Hall-660 Rookery Hall-661 Rookery Hall-663

Loxie & Graeme’s Wedding Photographs at The Village in Warrington

Loxie & Graeme were married at Saint Elphin’s Church in Warrington, and held their wedding reception at The Village Hotel nearby.

Loxie & Graeme-30 Loxie & Graeme-97 Loxie & Graeme-114 Loxie & Graeme-160 Loxie & Graeme-184 Loxie & Graeme-188 Loxie & Graeme-201 Loxie & Graeme-261 Loxie & Graeme-286 Loxie & Graeme-292 Loxie & Graeme-296 Loxie & Graeme-329 Loxie & Graeme-432 Loxie & Graeme-495 Loxie & Graeme-502

Debbie & Stuart’s Wedding Photographs at Holiday Inn Cheshire Oaks

Debbie & Stuart were married at the Holiday Inn – Cheshire Oaks, which is located near to the Manchester Ship Canal in Ellesmere Port.

Holliday Inn-5 Holliday Inn-6 Holliday Inn-7 Holliday Inn-17 Holliday Inn-18 Holliday Inn-24 Holliday Inn-27 Holliday Inn-31 Holliday Inn-33 Holliday Inn-42 Holliday Inn-43 Holliday Inn-45 Holliday Inn-49 Holliday Inn-57 Holliday Inn-59 Holliday Inn-61 Holliday Inn-62 Holliday Inn-67 Holliday Inn-80 Holliday Inn-82 Holliday Inn-88 Holliday Inn-96 Holliday Inn-99 Holliday Inn-101 Holliday Inn-103 Holliday Inn-104 Holliday Inn-111 Holliday Inn-112 Holliday Inn-119 Holliday Inn-122 Holliday Inn-130 Holliday Inn-134 Holliday Inn-147 Holliday Inn-152 Holliday Inn-156 Holliday Inn-157 Holliday Inn-159 Holliday Inn-160 Holliday Inn-165 Holliday Inn-167 Holliday Inn-169 Holliday Inn-172 Holliday Inn-173 Holliday Inn-175 Holliday Inn-176 Holliday Inn-179 Holliday Inn-181 Holliday Inn-182 Holliday Inn-192 Holliday Inn-193 Holliday Inn-194 Holliday Inn-196 Holliday Inn-200 Holliday Inn-207 Holliday Inn-220 Holliday Inn-221 Holliday Inn-226 Holliday Inn-231 Holliday Inn-232 Holliday Inn-242 Holliday Inn-244 Holliday Inn-246 Holliday Inn-247 Holliday Inn-248 Holliday Inn-249 Holliday Inn-257 Holliday Inn-261 Holliday Inn-263 Holliday Inn-264 Holliday Inn-267 Holliday Inn-273 Holliday Inn-278 Holliday Inn-288 Holliday Inn-289 Holliday Inn-291 Holliday Inn-293 Holliday Inn-302 Holliday Inn-304 Holliday Inn-309 Holliday Inn-320 Holliday Inn-329 Holliday Inn-332 Holliday Inn-334 Holliday Inn-336 Holliday Inn-342 Holliday Inn-344 Holliday Inn-346 Holliday Inn-349 Holliday Inn-353 Holliday Inn-354 Holliday Inn-357


Helen & Steffan’s Wedding Photographs at the Palm House in Liverpool

Helen & Steffan were married at the Palm House in Liverpool. It’s one of our favourite wedding venues, and as a recommended photography supplier for the Palm House we are able to use the gantry to get stunning shots with a bird’s eye view:

Palm House Wedding-1 Palm House Wedding-2 Palm House Wedding-3 Palm House Wedding-4 Palm House Wedding-5 Palm House Wedding-6 Palm House Wedding-7 Palm House Wedding-8 Palm House Wedding-9 Palm House Wedding-10 Palm House Wedding-11 Palm House Wedding-12 Palm House Wedding-13 Palm House Wedding-14 Palm House Wedding-15 Palm House Wedding-16 Palm House Wedding-17 Palm House Wedding-18 Palm House Wedding-19 Palm House Wedding-20 Palm House Wedding-21 Palm House Wedding-22 Palm House Wedding-23 Palm House Wedding-24 Palm House Wedding-25 Palm House Wedding-26 Palm House Wedding-27 Palm House Wedding-28 Palm House Wedding-29 Palm House Wedding-30 Palm House Wedding-31 Palm House Wedding-32 Palm House Wedding-33 Palm House Wedding-34 Palm House Wedding-35 Palm House Wedding-36 Palm House Wedding-37 Palm House Wedding-38 Palm House Wedding-39 Palm House Wedding-40 Palm House Wedding-41 Palm House Wedding-42 Palm House Wedding-43 Palm House Wedding-44 Palm House Wedding-45 Palm House Wedding-46 Palm House Wedding-47 Palm House Wedding-48 Palm House Wedding-49 Palm House Wedding-50 Palm House Wedding-51 Palm House Wedding-52 Palm House Wedding-53 Palm House Wedding-54 Palm House Wedding-55 Palm House Wedding-56 Palm House Wedding-57 Palm House Wedding-58 Palm House Wedding-59 Palm House Wedding-60 Palm House Wedding-61 Palm House Wedding-62 Palm House Wedding-63 Palm House Wedding-64 Palm House Wedding-65 Palm House Wedding-66 Palm House Wedding-67 Palm House Wedding-68 Palm House Wedding-69 Palm House Wedding-70 Palm House Wedding-71 Palm House Wedding-72 Palm House Wedding-73 Palm House Wedding-74 Palm House Wedding-75 Palm House Wedding-76 Palm House Wedding-77 Palm House Wedding-78 Palm House Wedding-79 Palm House Wedding-80 Palm House Wedding-81 Palm House Wedding-82 Palm House Wedding-83 Palm House Wedding-84 Palm House Wedding-85 Palm House Wedding-86 Palm House Wedding-87 Palm House Wedding-88 Palm House Wedding-89 Palm House Wedding-90 Palm House Wedding-91 Palm House Wedding-92 Palm House Wedding-93 Palm House Wedding-94 Palm House Wedding-95 Palm House Wedding-96 Palm House Wedding-97 Palm House Wedding-98 Palm House Wedding-99 Palm House Wedding-100 Palm House Wedding-101 Palm House Wedding-102 Palm House Wedding-103 Palm House Wedding-104 Palm House Wedding-105 Palm House Wedding-106 Palm House Wedding-107 Palm House Wedding-108 Palm House Wedding-109 Palm House Wedding-110 Palm House Wedding-111 Palm House Wedding-112 Palm House Wedding-113 Palm House Wedding-114 Palm House Wedding-115 Palm House Wedding-116 Palm House Wedding-117 Palm House Wedding-118 Palm House Wedding-119 Palm House Wedding-120 Palm House Wedding-121 Palm House Wedding-122 Palm House Wedding-123 Palm House Wedding-124 Palm House Wedding-125 Palm House Wedding-126 Palm House Wedding-127 Palm House Wedding-128 Palm House Wedding-129 Palm House Wedding-130 Palm House Wedding-131 Palm House Wedding-132 Palm House Wedding-133 Palm House Wedding-134 Palm House Wedding-135 Palm House Wedding-136 Palm House Wedding-137 Palm House Wedding-138 Palm House Wedding-139 Palm House Wedding-140 Palm House Wedding-141 Palm House Wedding-142 Palm House Wedding-143 Palm House Wedding-144 Palm House Wedding-145 Palm House Wedding-146