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Wirral Wedding Photographers

SandS Photo is a team of two wedding photographers, Sarah and Stuart Mottershead (Sarah and Stuart, S & S – get it?). We’ve been together since we were 18 and finally got married in 2014, after the longest engagement since records began. We have two amazing children (Lucy and Tom) and two Guinea Pigs (Flumpkin and Bumpkin),  who have us all very well trained! We live in Irby Village on the Wirral. Close to some beautiful beaches and with easy access to North Wales, Cheshire and Liverpool, places we adore.

What we Did Before Photography

Sarah used to be a Nurse and Stuart was an Engineer. That means we’re good with people and technical stuff…perfect for working with wedding guests and cameras!  We turned a love of photography and film (once a hobby) into our own business and couldn’t imagine a better job in the world. Stu is the resident geek and reads all the manuals/researches techy stuff so Sarah doesn’t have to ?. Sarah’s more interested in the creative side of things. So we really work well together, and complement each other.

Wirral wedding photographers
Wedding Photographers – Sarah and Stu

The Team – Us and Our Family

Sarah– Fairy lights everywhere, candles, loves pizza, a recovering Toblerone addict, weight training (yes,really!) spinach, all spring flowers, cuddle blankets, sunsets, zombie programmes, the only person ever to like fizzy water, driving, sleeping (particularly likes yawning), nights out with the girls, cocktails obviously, the colour pink, traveling anywhere, love a bit of old school dance music.

Stu– World of Tanks, cake (literally any type), Game of Thrones, late nights, Pinot noir, cycling, running over Thurstaston Hill on the Wirral, AVFC, nicking the kids Haribo, reading instruction manuals, rhubarb, loud snoring, not Mumford and Sons again!, a heated debate, double entendres, beetroot. Mountain walking, pub lunches, endless cups of tea, anything Apple related, holidays, barbecue king, slapstick humour.

Tom– Football is life, Fortnite, cucumber, Skittles, getting really muddy, doing anything with friends, Liverpool FC, being cheeky, anything that rhymes, secretly a really good dancer, the colour orange, asking questions which are difficult to answer, has the biggest smile, likes a cuddle, YouTube, apples, eating everything, wannabe gangsta.

Lucy– Kardashians, crisps, any cute animal, Ariana Grande, can opera sing but won’t, having straight hair, turquoise, getting on with people, school (We know!), spicy food, olives, Ted Baker anything, Mac lipstick, that goo stuff, swimming pools, milk bottle sweets, making people happy, science, Instagram, leggings, so over her GCSEs already.

By the way, if you call us on the mobile (07515353189), it’s Stuart who will usually answer. Stuart does most of the editing etc. so he’s usually in our home office. He’s also much better at answering his phone!

PS. The photo at the top was taken by our friend and fellow wedding photographer, Adam Riley