Emma & John’s Wedding Photography – Oh Me Oh My, Liverpool

My (Sarah) final wedding photography gig of 2016, Emma & John were married at Liverpool Town Hall, and held their wedding reception just round the corner at Oh Me Oh My.

The day started at the Epic Apart Hotel where Emma was getting ready.

Emma & the rest of the girls enjoyed a lovely relaxed atmosphere, and the apartment was an ideal setting with plenty of space for getting ready.

So cute!

I loved Emma’s elegant bridal gown.

Stunning Louboutins.

The ceremony was at Liverpool Town Hall, a fantastic setting for your wedding ceremony:

John and the guys looking very dapper.

After the ceremony, and some group photos, we walked the short distance to Oh Me Oh My.

The table settings were truly lavish!

The Beatles tribute band, Made in Liverpool, provided great entertainment.

Harriet & Jason’s Wedding Photography and Video at Yew Tree Farm, Cheshire

Harriet & Jason were married at Saint Bartholomew’s Church in Church Minshull, Cheshire. With around 200 guests during the day and about twice that number in the evening, we had a team of 3 to cover the day, with Sarah and Nick covering the photography and Stuart producing the Same Day Edit film:

Harriet and the girls got ready at her family’s farm (Yew Tree Farm) near Middlewich, so Sarah and Stuart started there while Nick captured the guys getting ready.

We let the bridesmaids have our selfie camera for the day, fair to say they loved it!

Saint Bart’s is a beautiful 18th century church, and it saw packed full of well wishers for Harriet & Jason’s big day.

The reception was held in a fantastic marquee back at Yew Tree Farm.




Sasha & Oliver’s Wedding Photographs & Film at Knowsley Hall in Liverpool

Every wedding we photograph or film is special and unique in its own way, but sometimes you can get a combination of people, venue, weather etc that just adds up to make it an awesome wedding. We’ve had several weddings like that this year and Sasha & Oliver’s was definitely one of them.

Before looking at the pictures, you might like to see the Wedding Highlights film:

The venue was one of our favourites, Knowsley Hall. We love working there, and as one of their recommended suppliers we get to work there fairly often, which is great for us.

Sasha chose to get ready at Knowsley Hall, the rooms there are amazing, so it’s a really great place for getting ready:

Altura Aerial Photography provided the drone photography and video at Sasha & Oliver’s wedding, so a big thank you to them. Since then we have also invested in our own drone so in future this will be available as part of some of our photography and video packages.

Liz & Shaun’s Wedding Photographs at Formby Hall near Liverpool

We started the day at Liz’s mum’s house in Liverpool, lots of people, not so much space, but plenty of fun and excitement!

Next stop, Saint James’s Church in Bootle for the ceremony.

Liverpool fans might recognise one of the wedding guests at Liz and Shaun’s wedding.

After the ceremony, we headed over to Formby Hall for the wedding reception.


Jayne & James’s Wedding Photographs and Same Day Edit Film at Mottram Hall in Cheshire

We absolutely loved capturing Jayne & James’s wedding at Mottram Hall, such a lovely couple, and a great bunch of friends and family. We had originally booked for a 2 photographer Fusion Package, but later Jayne (I think it was mainly Jayne TBH) decided to upgrade to Photography + Same Day Edit Film.

It’s quite a similar package in a way, but instead of having a film including mainly stills with a small video element, the Same Day Edit film is entirely video, and most couples also choose to have a separate film of the full ceremony, speeches and 1st dance after the wedding.

Here”s the film we produced on the day and presented on our big screen/projector and PA system:

Mottram Hall is a lovely wedding venue, especially suited to summer weddings as the gardens are quite magnificent.Jayne & the girls prepared for the day in one of the hotels many large suite rooms:Jayne’s shoes and dress were quite spectacular!Last minute nerves!An unusual feature of Mottram Hall is the ability to have your wedding ceremony outside. It’s really a lovely setting, although the weather in Cheshire can be a bit changeable, even in August, and we did have a few spots of rain.Sometimes we find people relax a lot more as they walk, rather than standing still and posing, so we often use this to get more natural shots that tell a lot more about the couple and their wedding.

Thornton Manor Waterside Pavilion – Charlotte & Chris’s wedding

Bride and groom driving away from Saint Peter's Church in Heswall - Wirral wedding photography

Thornton Manor Waterside Pavilion

Thornton Manor is different to most Wirral wedding venues, it’s actually 4 venues in 1. There’s the iconic Manor House itself, former home to the famous Leverhulme family. But the grounds are very extensive, allowing space for 3 marquee style venues, the Lakeside Marquee, the Walled Garden Marquee, and the Waterside Pavilion. The latter is actually the smallest of the three, but it’s ideal for all but the largest weddings, and it actually has the most picturesque setting in our opinion.

Wirral wedding brial bouquet with large sunflower
Charlotte’s vibrant bridal bouquet
Natural wedding photography - Bride and bridesmaids on the wedding morning
The girls were relaxing Charlotte’s parent’s lovely garden in Lower Heswall, so we had a great chance to capture some lovely natural shots

Documantary Wedding Photographers – Wirral

We started the day at Charlotte’s parent’s lovely home in Lower Heswall. Our style of wedding photography is very unobtrusive, so we concentrate on capturing moments as they happen, rather than setting things up. The atmosphere with Charlotte and the girls was really fun and relaxed.

Putting on the wedding dress before wirral wedding
The Dress!
Fastening up the wedding dress
Often the biggest job, fastening up all the buttons at the back.
Wirral bride walking down the stairs in her wedding dress
The reveal
Lady in wedding dress looks at herself in art-deco mirror
Last minute checks

Saint Peter’s Church in Lower Heswall

Saint Peter’s is one of the most beautiful churches on the wirral. Situated in the quiet village of Lower Heswall, parts of the building date back to 1306. I love thinking about how many couples have married there over the centuries.

Groom and best man
Chris and his best man before the marriage ceremony
Wedding photographer - Wirral Church, Saint Peter's in Lower Heswall
Saint Peter’s Church in Lower Heswall
Mother of the bride in convertable Porche
The weather was perfect for a summer wedding, allowing the mother of the bride to arrive in style in her Porche convertible.
Groom and the guys outside Saint Peter's Church in Lower Heswall, Wirral
Chris and the guys outside Saint Peter’s Church
bride and father arrive at Wirral church in his sports car
Charlotte arriving in her dad’s F-Type Jaguar
Wedding party outside church
Bride and her dad with her bridesmaids before the marriage ceremony
Wirral wedding aisle photograph
Charlotte and her dad walking down the aisle
Wedding guests during marriage ceremony at Saint Peter's Church Lower Heswall
Wedding guests during the marriage ceremony
Exchange of wedding rings and vows
Exchanging vows and rings during the marriage ceremony
Bride and groom walking down the aisle together
Chris and Charlotte are married!
Bride and groom outside Wirral Church
Chris and Charlotte outside Saint Peter’s
Confetti after the marriage ceremony
Documentary wedding photography - Bride and groom in sports car with bridal bouquet held aloft
The happy couple left Saint Peter’s Church in Charlotte’s father’s F-Type, so it didn’t take them long to get to Thornton Manor

Wedding Reception in the Waterside Pavilion – Thornton Manor

After the marriage ceremony Charlotte and Chris headed over to Thornton Manor if her dad’s F-Type Jaguar. It was perfect summer weather for the perfect marquee wedding. The Waterside Pavilion was decked out in grand style ready for the wedding breakfast.

Wedding photography of table settings at Wirral venue
Table settings in Thornton Manor Waterside Pavilion
Wirral wedding photography - bride and groom at Waterside Pavilion in Thornton Hough
Chris and Charlotte at Thornton Manor Waterside Pavilion
Romantic wedding photo - Bride and groom kissing in woodland
Stealing a kiss
Thornton Manor Waterside Pavilion
The Waterside Pavilion at Thornton Manor – Wirral Wedding Venue
father of the bride making speech at Thornton Manor Waterside Pavilion
Father of the Bride’s speech
Candid image of wedding guest during speeches
Documentary wedding photography – wedding guest reacting to speech
Bride smiling during groom's speech
Chris’s speech
Best man at Cheshire wedding
The Best Man’s speech
Guests laughing during wedding toasts at Waterside Pavilion - Thornton Manor
Guests laughing during best man’s speech
Natural wedding photography of guests in the evening
Evening guests
Bride and groom dancing with guests in the background
The 1st Dance
Off camera flash photography of evening reception at Waterside Pavilion
Bridesmaids partying the night away – Off camera flash wedding photography
Evening reception wedding phographer
Wedding guests letting their hair down

Getting Married on the Wirral

Planning to get hitched on the wirral? Looking for wedding photographers? Why not get in touch? We’d love to chat with you about your wedding plans and how we might capture your big day for you.

Heather & Craig’s Wedding Photographs at Appleby Country Manor Hotel in the Lake District

Heather, her mum, and her bridesmaid Stephy had dresses in red white and blue, very patriotic!

heather-craig-1 heather-craig-3 heather-craig-4 heather-craig-5 heather-craig-9 heather-craig-20

The staircase at Appleby Manor is one of the hotel’s outstanding features, and we made good use of it later on.


The hotel gardens were beautiful with so many flowers in full bloom:

heather-craig-26 heather-craig-27

Fantastic view from the rear of the hotel:

heather-craig-30 heather-craig-34 heather-craig-35 heather-craig-53 heather-craig-59 heather-craig-63 heather-craig-64 heather-craig-66 heather-craig-72 heather-craig-78 heather-craig-81 heather-craig-90 heather-craig-93 heather-craig-103 heather-craig-107 heather-craig-112 heather-craig-115 heather-craig-121 heather-craig-123

Laughter and tears of joy through the ceremony:

heather-craig-127 heather-craig-133 heather-craig-137 heather-craig-145 heather-craig-158 heather-craig-160 heather-craig-165 heather-craig-167 heather-craig-170 heather-craig-175 heather-craig-177 heather-craig-179 heather-craig-180 heather-craig-183 heather-craig-186 heather-craig-202

We had to stay indoors after the ceremony, due to the rain, so we made creative use of the staircase to get this shot of Heather, Craig and all their guests:

heather-craig-221 heather-craig-228 heather-craig-229

Eventually the weather improved and we were able to make the most of the lovely gardens at last 🙂

heather-craig-236 heather-craig-238 heather-craig-241 heather-craig-243 heather-craig-245 heather-craig-249 heather-craig-260 heather-craig-265 heather-craig-269

Heather and Craig kissing in the reflection:


A fantastic setting for the wedding breakfast:

heather-craig-278 heather-craig-282 heather-craig-306 heather-craig-311 heather-craig-325 heather-craig-329 heather-craig-331 heather-craig-333 heather-craig-346 heather-craig-350 heather-craig-354 heather-craig-356 heather-craig-358 heather-craig-362 heather-craig-364 heather-craig-371 heather-craig-374

Craig apparently used to have a bit more hair 🙂

heather-craig-379 heather-craig-390 heather-craig-391

Beth & Dean’s Wedding Photographs at the Alicia Hotel in Liverpool

Beth & Dean were married at the Alicia Hotel by Sefton Park in Liverpool.

Stu started at their house to capture the guys getting ready:

Alicia-29 Alicia-30 Alicia-35

Meanwhile, Sarah captured the bridal preps at the Alicia Hotel:

Alicia-50 Alicia-53

Gorgeous dress…


… and shoes!

Alicia-62 Alicia-73 Alicia-79 Alicia-84 Alicia-86 Alicia-88 Alicia-98 Alicia-102 Alicia-109 Alicia-112 Alicia-119 Alicia-125 Alicia-126 Alicia-132 Alicia-144 Alicia-146 Alicia-149 Alicia-153 Alicia-163 Alicia-168

Young romance:

Alicia-171 Alicia-177 Alicia-196 Alicia-203 Alicia-214 Alicia-215 Alicia-219 Alicia-224 Alicia-244 Alicia-246 Alicia-251 Alicia-252 Alicia-254 Alicia-257 Alicia-261 Alicia-269 Alicia-272 Alicia-276 Alicia-297 Alicia-303

We leant our new selfie cam to Beth’s sister, here’s some of the fun shots that she took:

Alicia-306 Alicia-307 Alicia-313 Alicia-325 Alicia-329 Alicia-331 Alicia-344 Alicia-352 Alicia-355 Alicia-359 Alicia-369 Alicia-371 Alicia-372 Alicia-385 Alicia-390 Alicia-392 Alicia-411 Alicia-413 Alicia-417 Alicia-420 Alicia-422 Alicia-425

Not going to repeat what Dean said at this point, but fair to say Beth didn’t expect it 🙂

Alicia-427 Alicia-433 Alicia-444

The Alicia has a beautiful romanesque garden, great for photographs:

Alicia-448 Alicia-450 Alicia-458 Alicia-462 Alicia-465 Alicia-466 Alicia-468 Alicia-469 Alicia-470 Alicia-472 Alicia-496

A few more selfies:

Alicia-502 Alicia-503 Alicia-506 Alicia-509 Alicia-516 Alicia-518 Alicia-524 Alicia-526 Alicia-534 Alicia-541 Alicia-543 Alicia-545 Alicia-550 Alicia-570

Sue & Graham’s Wedding Photographs at the RiverHill Hotel on the Wirral

Sue and Graham’s wedding was a lovely intimate family affair, set in the family run RiverHill Hotel in Oxton on the Wirral, well known locally for it’s great food 🙂

Reflection of bride’s face in mirror.

While Sue and the girls were getting ready (and drinking prosecco), I took Sue’s dress outside for a couple of shots. Love this one with the light coming through the branches!

Image of Wedding dress hanging from tree in garden of Riverhill hotelPicture of flower girl getting ready for a wedding.Image of little boy having tie fixed pre-wedding.Capture of bride unaware of camera just before wedding by documentary photographer.

Onto the RiverHill, it’s the first time we’ve been to this venue, despite it being just a few miles from our home in Irby, and I was really impressed. The hotel and gardens are excellent, and the staff are all extremely friendly and helpful, which is not always the case at some venues!

So if you’re looking for a venue for a smaller wedding on the Wirral, it’s well worth having a look 🙂

Before the ceremony, Graham was looking pretty confident compared to most grooms at that part of the day, and was busy welcoming the guests as they arrived.

Candid shot of bridegroom before wedding at the Riverhill Hotel, Wirral.

Here’s Sue & Graham’s signature frame, provided as part of their pre-wedding shoot package. A fun alternative to a guestbook 🙂

Detail photo of signature frame.Macro shot of wedding rings.

Sue arrived in a pristine and unique vintage Rover.

Documentary style photo of bride exiting vintage Rover.Photo captured through window of bride smiling in her wedding car.Happy guests await the bride’s arrival.

Graham, catching the eye of his bride, as she comes down the aisle ?.

Picture of bride walking down the aisle at the RiverHill hotel.Riverhill-124Image of bride and groom taken from the back of a guest’s camera.

After the ceremony, outside for drinks and canapés:

Smiling guest greets the married couple.Wedding guest hugging the groom.Candid photo of child wedding guest.Confetti shot in the gardens on RiverHill hotel on the Wirral.

“Man with sausage”, that’s what this fellow said to me just after taking this shot, which made me laugh. So I couldn’t resist including it here 🙂

Candid image of wedding guest holding a sausage canapé.Happy photo of children playing in the grounds of the hotel.

After plenty of time to eat, drink and be merry, we set off to nearby Birkenhead Park on The Wirral, for some wedding portraits.

Natural shot of bride and groom in wedding car, taken through the window.

I’m told Birkenhead Park was the blueprint for Central Park in New York. It certainly has some gorgeous quiet areas which are deal for wedding portraits. We try and keep our portrait shots simple, relaxing and fun, and having already photographed Sue and Graham at their pre-wedding shoot (who were originally, like many people, a bit shy), I think they were much more confident and rather enjoyed the tranquil park surroundings.

Riverhill-237Posed photo of wedding couple in front of vintage Rover car.Image of bride and groom looking at each other in Birkenhead Park, Wirral.Picture of groom kissing the top of bride’s head.

Back at the RiverHill, it had been transformed for the wedding breakfast.

Wide shot of wedding reception room at the RiverHill hotel, set up for the wedding breakfast.Close-up Picture of table set up with wedding flowers.

Lovely rag dolls for the flower girls, what a nice personal touch 🙂

A detail photo of rag doll, as a wedding favour.Photo of cute baby.Wedding guests seated at table in the RiverHill, on the Wirral.Bride and groom entering the wedding breakfast.Best man making his speech.Documentary style image of guest laughing at speech.The bride and groom enjoying the speeches.Poignant image of wedding guest holding a tissue to eyes during the speeches.

I think I’ll get one of these for Sarah 😉

Funny image of bride holding a mug with witty caption.Picture of two wedding guests finding the speeches hilarious.

Camilla & Peter’s Wedding Photographs at the Racquet Club in Liverpool

Camilla & Peter were married on a beautiful spring day at Liverpool’s iconic Metropolitan Cathedral, just round the corner from their home. The reception was held at The Racquet Club.

Panoramic image of the exterior of Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral.Photo of pretty female guest arrived at Liverpool wedding.Mother of bridegroom kisses her son outside Liverpool cathedral.We arrive early enough to capture guest and bridal party arrivals.

Wedding ring delivery by the best man, just in time 🙂

Best man running up steps of Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral

Camilla walked round to the cathedral from her home with her dad, which was just minutes away.

Liverpool Metropolitan-76Bride walking from home to church with her dad in Liverpool.Back view of bride and groom at the altar of Metropolitan Cathedral Liverpool Bride and groom kiss after exchange of vows.

We had an awesome day with Camilla and Peter, and wish them all the joy and happiness they deserve for the future.

Bride and groom enjoying sunshine outside the Cathedral Liverpool Metropolitan-188Back view of bride and groom walking through Liverpool.Wedding car, plus bride and groom outside Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Bride and groom in taxi with champagne.

After the ceremony, a short trip over to the stylish Racquet club near Pier Head for the reception. With champagne, of course. Taxi!

Camilla looked so pretty and elegant. Peter was handsome and stylish is his navy suit.Wedding portrait of bride in Liverpool.Image of bridegroom standing outside Racquet Club, Liverpool Full length photo of bride and groom outside Racquet Club doorway in Liverpool.

The florals were so vibrant. We capture all the little details so they can be remembered forevermore ?.

Image of a vibrant wedding bouquet held by bride.Detail photo of wedding table plan.Wedding guests enjoying the reception at Liverpool’s Racquet Club.Picture of wedding guests enjoying the reception.Capture of joyful Bride and groom entering their wedding reception.Wedding guests clapping to greet bridal couple into their reception at their Liverpool wedding.Image of a laughing bride reacting to her dad’s speech.Photo of father giving his speech at The Racquet ClubDocumentary style photo of guest reacting to a wedding speech.Shot of a bride groom delivering his speech with bride laughing next to him.

In the evening Camilla, Peter and their guests gathered round to watch a Same Day Edit film showing highlights from the day. You can see their reactions alongside the film here:

For more information about Same Day Edit films please check out out video website: SandS Video