Inglewood Manor Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography at Inglewood Manor

Inglewood Manor – Wirral Wedding Venue

Inglewood Manor on the Wirral is an enchanting wedding venue that exudes romance, elegance, and sophistication. With its picturesque setting, stunning architecture, and luxurious amenities, Inglewood Manor is the perfect location for couples looking to capture beautiful and unforgettable Wirral wedding photography.

Drone wedding photography at Inglewood Manor
Drone photograph during drinks reception

The Beautiful Gardens

One of the most striking features of Inglewood Manor is its beautiful gardens, which offer countless opportunities for capturing stunning outdoor wedding photography. The gardens are lovingly tended, and the lush greenery, blooming flowers, and winding pathways provide a beautiful and natural backdrop for wedding photos. The walled garden, with its elegant fountains and manicured lawns, is a particularly popular location for wedding photography, providing a peaceful and intimate setting for capturing beautiful moments.

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Entertainment during the drinks reception
Bride and groom at Inglewood Manor
Wedding Photography

Edwardian Architecture

In addition to the gardens, Inglewood Manor’s stunning architecture also makes for beautiful wedding photography. The manor house is a breathtaking example of Edwardian architecture, with its grand entrance, sweeping staircase, and beautiful stained glass windows. The manor’s elegant and timeless design provides a perfect backdrop for capturing classic and timeless wedding photos.

Another unique feature of this Wirral wedding venue is its stunning library, which provides a warm and intimate setting for capturing beautiful wedding photography. The library’s wooden paneling, richly upholstered furniture, and elegant chandeliers create a sense of warmth and coziness, making it the perfect location for capturing intimate and romantic moments.

Bride with floral bouquet photographed from above
Bride with bouquet

Photography Locations at Inglewood Manor

The bridal suite at Inglewood Manor is another highlight, offering a luxurious and beautiful setting for wedding photography. With its four-poster bed, beautiful antique furnishings, and stunning views of the surrounding countryside, the bridal suite is the perfect location for capturing the bride getting ready for her big day or taking romantic photos of the newlyweds.

One of the most beautiful locations for wedding photography at Inglewood Manor is the manor’s beautiful terrace, which offers breathtaking views of the gardens and surrounding countryside. The terrace is a perfect location for capturing outdoor wedding photography, particularly at sunset when the warm and golden light creates a stunning and romantic atmosphere.

When it comes to wedding photography at Inglewood Manor, it’s important to work closely with the venue and photographer to ensure that your vision and style are captured. The venue’s unique features and stunning locations require careful planning and coordination, so it’s essential to work closely with the venue to identify the best locations for your wedding photos. It’s also important to work with your photographer to ensure that the style and aesthetic of your wedding photography align with your unique vision.

Bride and groom portrait on staircase
Bride and groom on staircase

In conclusion, Inglewood Manor on the Wirral is a truly magical and enchanting wedding venue that provides endless opportunities for capturing stunning and unforgettable wedding photography. Whether it’s taking photos in the gardens, library, terrace, or bridal suite, it offers a range of beautiful and unique locations that will make for beautiful and timeless wedding photos. For couples looking for a romantic and luxurious wedding photography experience, Inglewood Manor is the perfect destination.