Jane & Mark’s Wedding Photographs and Same Day Edit Film at Knowsley Hall in Liverpool

When Jane was interviewed by the Daily Mail back in May this year she said her wedding was going to be “an unashamedly big do — a celebration, involving more than 100 guests, a glorious stately home and the best food, music and flowers we could afford”. She wasn’t exaggerating as you can see below.

The stately home was Knowsley Hall in Liverpool, which is a fantastic venue all round, and Jane looked amazing in her dress. It was a lovely wedding for us to photograph and film with a really nice group of people and a great atmosphere.

Here’s the Same Day Edit film which was presented just before the first dance in the evening:

and here’s a film showing the Same Day Edit alongside a shot of Jane, Mark and their guests watching the film in the evening:

Finally, here’s a selection of images from the day:

knowsley-3 knowsley-11 knowsley-13 knowsley-20 knowsley-22 knowsley-24 knowsley-29 knowsley-33 knowsley-51 knowsley-54 knowsley-63 knowsley-69 knowsley-82 knowsley-85 knowsley-93 knowsley-94 knowsley-102 knowsley-108 knowsley-112 knowsley-113 knowsley-123 knowsley-130 knowsley-132 knowsley-135 knowsley-139 knowsley-141 knowsley-157 knowsley-160 knowsley-162 knowsley-165 knowsley-167 knowsley-169 knowsley-172 knowsley-173 knowsley-175 knowsley-182 knowsley-184 knowsley-189 knowsley-193 knowsley-197 knowsley-200 knowsley-206 knowsley-215 knowsley-217 knowsley-221 knowsley-222 knowsley-228 knowsley-234 knowsley-239 knowsley-249 knowsley-273 knowsley-274 knowsley-287 knowsley-300 knowsley-305 knowsley-306 knowsley-308 knowsley-309 knowsley-315 knowsley-317 knowsley-319 knowsley-323 knowsley-335 knowsley-339 knowsley-341 knowsley-344 knowsley-349 knowsley-363 knowsley-367 knowsley-368 knowsley-373 knowsley-374 knowsley-375 knowsley-376 knowsley-377 knowsley-387 knowsley-401 knowsley-410 knowsley-419 knowsley-420 knowsley-426 knowsley-430 knowsley-432 knowsley-448 knowsley-462 knowsley-469 knowsley-470 knowsley-474 knowsley-481 knowsley-482 knowsley-489 knowsley-491


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