Photo Fusion Same Day Package

This is a truly unique wedding photography package (with a little bit of film added in). The package includes Sarah and Stuart as your wedding photographers for the day, from bride and groom getting ready through until after the first dance. The unique part is that we will also film part of your wedding ceremony and combine that with around 20 stills from the day to create a fusion film like the one below.

The film is edited during the afternoon, and played back to you and your guests in the evening before the first dance. The images used in the film, as well as the Fusion Film itself are given to you on USB stick before we leave the wedding.

Typically there will be a further 4-500 images which we will edit for you and provide after the wedding, but it’s really nice to have a few of them on straight away.

We have a projector, screen and powerful PA system, so we don’t need your venue to provide any facilities beyond an electric socket.

Options such as a wedding album can be added to the package if you like, starting at £200.

We’re really excited about this new package, so pricing is currently just £1200. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information and to reserve your wedding date.