Heather & Craig’s Wedding Photographs at Appleby Country Manor Hotel in the Lake District

Heather, her mum, and her bridesmaid Stephy had dresses in red white and blue, very patriotic!

heather-craig-1 heather-craig-3 heather-craig-4 heather-craig-5 heather-craig-9 heather-craig-20

The staircase at Appleby Manor is one of the hotel’s outstanding features, and we made good use of it later on.


The hotel gardens were beautiful with so many flowers in full bloom:

heather-craig-26 heather-craig-27

Fantastic view from the rear of the hotel:

heather-craig-30 heather-craig-34 heather-craig-35 heather-craig-53 heather-craig-59 heather-craig-63 heather-craig-64 heather-craig-66 heather-craig-72 heather-craig-78 heather-craig-81 heather-craig-90 heather-craig-93 heather-craig-103 heather-craig-107 heather-craig-112 heather-craig-115 heather-craig-121 heather-craig-123

Laughter and tears of joy through the ceremony:

heather-craig-127 heather-craig-133 heather-craig-137 heather-craig-145 heather-craig-158 heather-craig-160 heather-craig-165 heather-craig-167 heather-craig-170 heather-craig-175 heather-craig-177 heather-craig-179 heather-craig-180 heather-craig-183 heather-craig-186 heather-craig-202

We had to stay indoors after the ceremony, due to the rain, so we made creative use of the staircase to get this shot of Heather, Craig and all their guests:

heather-craig-221 heather-craig-228 heather-craig-229

Eventually the weather improved and we were able to make the most of the lovely gardens at last 🙂

heather-craig-236 heather-craig-238 heather-craig-241 heather-craig-243 heather-craig-245 heather-craig-249 heather-craig-260 heather-craig-265 heather-craig-269

Heather and Craig kissing in the reflection:


A fantastic setting for the wedding breakfast:

heather-craig-278 heather-craig-282 heather-craig-306 heather-craig-311 heather-craig-325 heather-craig-329 heather-craig-331 heather-craig-333 heather-craig-346 heather-craig-350 heather-craig-354 heather-craig-356 heather-craig-358 heather-craig-362 heather-craig-364 heather-craig-371 heather-craig-374

Craig apparently used to have a bit more hair 🙂

heather-craig-379 heather-craig-390 heather-craig-391

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