Sue & Graham’s Wedding Photographs at the RiverHill Hotel on the Wirral

Sue and Graham’s wedding was a lovely intimate family affair, set in the family run RiverHill Hotel, well known locally for it’s great food 🙂

Riverhill-4 Riverhill-6 Riverhill-15

While Sue and the girls were getting ready (and drinking prosecco), I took Sue’s dress outside for a couple of shots. Love this one with the light coming through the branches!

Riverhill-19 Riverhill-21 Riverhill-27 Riverhill-29 Riverhill-37 Riverhill-44 Riverhill-52 Riverhill-59

Onto the RiverHill, it’s the first time we’ve been to this venue, despite it being just a few miles from our home in Irby, and I was really impressed. The hotel and gardens are excellent, and the staff are all extremely friendly and helpful, which is not always the case at some venues!

So if you’re looking for a venue for a smaller wedding on the Wirral, it’s well worth having a look 🙂

Riverhill-64 Riverhill-69 Riverhill-71 Riverhill-75 Riverhill-80

Before the ceremony, Graham was looking pretty confident compared to most grooms at that part of the day, and was busy welcoming the guests as they arrived.

Riverhill-83 Riverhill-84

Here’s Sue & Graham’s signature frame, provided as part of their pre-wedding shoot package. A fun alternative to a guestbook 🙂

Riverhill-86 Riverhill-89 Riverhill-92 Riverhill-93

Sue arrived in a pristine and unique vintage Rover.

Riverhill-96 Riverhill-97 Riverhill-103

Graham, still quite confident 😉

Riverhill-110 Riverhill-115 Riverhill-121 Riverhill-124 Riverhill-145 Riverhill-147 Riverhill-150

After the ceremony, outside for drinks and canapés:

Riverhill-167 Riverhill-168 Riverhill-169 Riverhill-175 Riverhill-176 Riverhill-181 Riverhill-188 Riverhill-191 Riverhill-195

“Man with sausage”, that’s what this fellow said to me just after taking this shot, which made me laugh. So I couldn’t resist including it here 🙂

Riverhill-205 Riverhill-211

After plenty of time to eat, drink and be merry, we set off to nearby Birkenhead Park for some wedding portraits.

Riverhill-233 Riverhill-234

I’m told Birkenhead Park was the blueprint for Central Park in New York. It certainly has some gorgeous quiet areas which are deal for wedding portraits. We try and keep our portrait shots simple, relaxing and fun, and having already photographed Sue and Graham at their pre-wedding shoot (who were originally, like many people, a bit shy), I think they were much more confident and rather enjoyed the tranquil park surroundings.

Riverhill-237 Riverhill-244 Riverhill-248 Riverhill-257 Riverhill-259 Riverhill-263 Riverhill-266 Riverhill-268

Back at the RiverHill, it had been transformed for the wedding breakfast.

Riverhill-272 Riverhill-280 Riverhill-284

Lovely rag dolls for the flower girls, what a nice personal touch 🙂

Riverhill-287 Riverhill-292 Riverhill-296 Riverhill-299 Riverhill-304 Riverhill-316 Riverhill-318 Riverhill-320 Riverhill-323 Riverhill-330 Riverhill-336 Riverhill-351 Riverhill-352 Riverhill-354 Riverhill-358

I think I’ll get one of these for Sarah 😉

Riverhill-376 Riverhill-380 Riverhill-385 Riverhill-387 Riverhill-394 Riverhill-396 Riverhill-399



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